Some kitchen designs are fads that quickly come and go, while others are tried and true design elements that never go out of style.

To ensure that the money used for remodeling and design changes is well-spent and doesn’t leave you wanting to update your kitchen again in 5-10 years, it’s important to incorporate timeless kitchen design elements. By selecting aspects of kitchen design that won’t go out of style, you increase the value of your home and create a beautiful space that everyone will enjoy.

By implementing neutral colors, high-quality materials for cabinets, flooring, and countertops, you can create a long-lasting kitchen design that will emulate classic style for decades.

White Cabinets

For a timeless design element that works well with any kitchen, select white kitchen cabinets. By opting for white cabinets, your kitchen can incorporate a variety of different accent colors and materials while staying simple and modern.

White cabinets stand out, offer design flexibility, and make a kitchen feel brighter and more open. Regardless of how the rest of your home is designed, white cabinets look great in both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs, allowing you the flexibility to update and change your kitchen should you ever desire to.

It’s also easy to add a pop of color to your kitchen with simple accessories or other design elements that compliment white cabinets. Should you feel the need for a change, you can always swap out the accent color that you select.

Neutral Paint Colors

Skip the trendy paint color making the rounds this year and choose a timeless, neutral color you’ll love for decades. Some may think plain white is boring, but it has a timeless quality that will never go out of style and the ability to brighten up any kitchen.

If you are unsure of what color scheme to incorporate into your kitchen design, consider starting with neutral paint colors on the walls. From white to beige, tan, greys, neutrals, and toned-down versions of brighter options, a more neutral paint color is the best way to tie a room together and make your kitchen look modern without going overboard. Try to stay away from overbearing dark tones or flashy bright colors and stick with the basics in a shade you love.

For help choosing the perfect paint shade, talk to a home design expert. Home designers have experience planning multiple aspects of a new room to ensure the design flows together and can guide you in narrowing down color selections that will fit your space.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Although the primary function of a kitchen backsplash is to protect kitchen walls and other areas from liquids, such as water, stains, and food debris, it can also serve as a focal point and add flair to a new remodel. In addition to cutting down the amount of time you spend cleaning your kitchen (especially the walls), backsplashes are an inexpensive way to completely change to the look of your kitchen. This accent and protective element is easy to install and maintain as well.

Backsplashes provide a great accent to countertops and cabinets and come in a variety of materials–such as wood, tile, glass, metal, slate or stone, and more. It can be tempting to choose something trendy or hyper-modern, but for a truly timeless design, select a classic backsplash style that will convey personality and class. Speak with a designer to select a backsplash material and color that will complement your cabinets and countertops.

Hardwood Floors

If you’re a big fan of hardwood floors, then you won’t need much convincing to include them in your kitchen design. However, for those that aren’t sold on the idea, consider the benefits of hardwood flooring:

  • Beautiful finish
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Natural, versatile material
  • Works well for rustic or modern design
  • Flows into living and dining space
  • Accent color to other kitchen materials
  • Great at keeping kitchen warm & cozy

If you love the look of hardwood but the budget for your design project looks a bit tight, consider some porcelain plank or high-quality laminate that look like real wood.

Kitchen Islands

Most homeowners prefer an open-concept kitchen, and a benefit of using a layout that opens the kitchen up to other rooms is that there is space in the kitchen for additional storage. A kitchen island offers convenient storage, additional seating, and increases the amount of prep space.

An island offers additional workspace for food preparation so that cooking is much easier, especially with multiple cooks in the kitchen. If you’ve ever wished for more space in the kitchen for a specific appliance or a larger sink, an island is the perfect solution. By installing a kitchen island, you can customize which aspect of your kitchen take center stage–do you want a breakfast bar or a large farm-style sink? With a kitchen island, you may be able to incorporate both.

In an addition to providing more storage and functionality, a kitchen island looks amazing in your space and helps the kitchen flow better into a living or dining space. An island may also increase the overall value of your home, since it is such an attractive focal point and a useful addition to the space.

Marble or Quartz Countertops

If you’re having trouble deciding on a countertop material–consider marble or quartz. These stones are elegant choices for kitchen countertops and guarantees longevity in design and function.

Marble is a natural stone, and is more resistant to breaking, scratching, and cracking than many other countertop materials. Each piece is unique with distinctive veining in the stone. While it may be softer than granite, incorporating unique design elements such as rounded edges or intricate carvings, is easier with marble than with other harder stones. Despite being softer than some other stones, the material is still incredibly durable and heat resistant. For a harder and more durable stone, consider quartz that looks like marble with swirling patterns.
Marble buildings and statues from ancient Greece and Rome are still standing today as proof that the material can withstand the test of time. For centuries marble has been associated with elegance, and today it’s more popular than ever! Likewise, quartz is a great way to update your space and offers a huge variety of choices for pattern and color.

Natural Materials

Wood, stone, neutral earth tones, and other natural elements and materials bring some aspects of nature indoors. Natural materials like dark wood and gray stone have the ability to keep a kitchen “grounded” and remain classic accents amid changing design trends. Consider using some of the following design elements in your kitchen remodel:

  • Dark natural wood floors
  • Wood shelving to display dishes
  • Stone backsplash
  • Wooden barstool chairs
  • Slate flooring
  • All wood kitchen cabinetry
  • Wood or stone planters for herbs/plants

While some homeowners will want to incorporate more aspects of nature than others, there is still a lot to be said about a couple classic elements warming and adding charm to a modern kitchen.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen and want to ensure it holds up to years of changing design trends, look to the basics–flooring, cabinets, countertops, and fixtures. By selecting hi-quality materials for the basics, you can ensure that your kitchen won’t age itself as different design trends take hold and eventually fade.

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