The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, as both a space used multiple times a day and a space that guests and potential buyers interact with frequently. There are a lot of choices that go into remodeling and designing your bathroom. From initial research to speaking with a designer to draw up plans and then making final material selections, the process can be a lot to handle even for an experienced remodeler. Redesigning your bathroom is often overwhelming for first time homeowners and remodelers, especially if you are coming from a blank slate, so we have put together a list of things to consider when remodeling your bathroom, before you jump into the nitty-gritty renovation details.

Determine Your Budget

Whether you are looking to sell your home or live comfortably in it for many years, remodeling your bathroom is a project with one of the best returns on investment (ROI) for home renovation projects. Crunch the numbers and come up with a budget for your bathroom remodel or redesign project. Research what similar bathroom remodeling projects in the area cost from the outset to set realistic expectations of what you will be able to accomplish with the budget you have. You can get an idea of what other project may have cost by going to local open houses or online home sale websites and speaking to realtors and home remodeling experts.

Even if you don’t have a hard ceiling on how much you are willing to spend, creating an initial budget will allow you to have a dialogue with remodelers and designers to help determine design and material choices. Once you have an idea of what a similar bathroom costs to design and remodel, you can get quotes from local design companies to ensure your budget is realistic for your remodeling project. Unlimited budget equates to unlimited choices, whereas a more concrete number will make the decision-making process go much smoother.

Choose Bathroom Updates

Creating a budget will also help you to determine what aspects of your current bathroom you are willing to live with, and what needs to change. You may need to adjust some of your wish-list items to fit you budget or rethink your budget to get all your must-haves for the project. Many times, a remodeling project consists of give and take to get the best possible outcome. Oftentimes, if your budget or wish list flexible, a designer can help you prioritize the most important aspects of your bathroom redesign.

Water and electric saving appliances, such as toilets and showers or LED light bulbs, are more energy efficient and can save money in the long term. If you already have plans to upgrade these appliances or features, talk to a designer or remodeler about these upgrades to save energy and add value to your home as well.

Get An Inspection

Remodeling and design usually end up costing more than people anticipate, because there are issues with electrical wiring, plumbing, or unforeseen problems with the space. To mitigate any costly repairs, get an inspection to stay ahead of any problems and ensure your bathroom is up to code and safe for you and your family. An inspection also helps ensure you have properly ventilation so you don’t start seeing mold, insulated pipes so pipes won’t freeze or burst in winter months, and correctly wired and placed electrical outlets that will serve your needs without causing a bathroom blackout because of poor circuitry.

A professional remodeling company will be able to provide a bathroom inspection for you or recommend a few different places than can provide the service if you’d like a second opinion. Whether you have just moved into your home or been there for several years, looks can be deceiving. Many DIY renovators try to update or repair their homes (which is great!) but may not do all of the work up to code. In an older home, an inspector will check for damage that occurs naturally over time with use. In a new home, they will ensure all aspects of your bathroom comply with the latest home rules and regulations for safety.

Design For Ease Of Use

Optimize layout and ensure plenty of space and maneuverability, both for safety and luxury. Plan for shower cubbies and inserts, hand hold bars, and optimal height of your sink, toilet, and shower or bathtub. If multiple people will be using the bathroom around the same time, such as a couple in a master bath or children sharing a secondary bathroom, you may want to upgrade to a double vanity with plenty of counter space.

Simple ideas such as placing for grab bars in or right outside of the shower for extra stability, placing mirrors and lighting at the correct height, and careful placement of a toilet and toilet roll will greatly improve your bathroom’s functionality and make things easy for anyone who is disabled, younger children, or may need extra help or support as they get older.

Buy Lasting Materials

A home renovation, especially in the bathroom, is not the time to be cheap. Invest in high-end materials that will stand up to repeated use and abuse. From daily wear and tear to leaving the hot iron on a bit too long or dropping something on the tile floor or shower, higher quality remodeling materials are an investment that will pay off in their durability and beauty. Although the initial investment may cost a little more, purchasing higher-quality materials will save you money long term and absolutely increase your enjoyment of the space.

A quartz, granite, or marble vanity top will hold up well after years of daily use, whereas lower quality materials might not be so forgiving and could be more expensive if you need to replace any of them again in the future. Solid wood cabinets will hold up to daily use and storage much better than any particle board or chip cord woods that may show heavy wear of dents and dings.

Consider Storage

One of the most pressing issues and reasons for remodeling is lack of space. Whether your bathroom is small, outdated, or lacks enough space for everything you need for daily use, increased storage can help. When deciding on the layout for your bathroom, take cabinets and shelving into consideration. Under vanity cabinets, overhead shelving, and in-wall nooks can provide additional, cost-effective storage.

Prior to choosing materials, opt for cabinets with plenty of storage space, inset shower nooks for toiletries, and shelving or racks to store items like towels out of the way. These extra storage areas will make your bathroom feel more open since clutter won’t pile up in easily visible spaces. This also has the added benefit of keeping everything in an easily accessible space, so you’re less likely to move an item and lose it.

Splurge On Amenities

Although you have a set budget for your bathroom remodel project, be sure to make some space for a few worthwhile amenities to make the space feel luxurious–even if they are only small updated. Heated floors, rainfall showerhead, heated towel rack, double vanity, plenty of overhead and vanity lighting, and a quiet vent system, among other things, will make your bathroom remodel feel luxurious and increase your enjoyment of the space.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on these aspects of the project, but you should consider investing a bit more of your budget in the small items that you or your guests will see and use every day. High-quality wooden or modern cabinets, quartz or granite countertops and vanities, and high-end tile stand the test of time and provide a beautiful aesthetic to your newly remodeled bathroom. Many also choose to have a separate bathtub and shower, in order to customize each to their needs in a way that might not be possible if they were one shower/bathtub combination.

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