With 2019 coming to a close and winter weather settling in, many people are enjoying spending time with family and friends in their homes and staying warm indoors. What you may not realize is that the constantly changing aspects of bathroom design and remodeling are already underway and beginning to emerge for the 2020 spring season.

As you spend more time inside for those warm winter baths and luxurious spa-days, consider which aspects of your home’s bathroom need an update. Do you find yourself too cold in the morning while getting ready? Are you wishing for a remodel with friends and family visiting so often? If you plan to remodel or redesign your guest, master, or half bathroom in 2020, be on the lookout for these popular design trends in the new year–and how they can help shape your bathroom’s new design.

Green In The Bathroom

While greenery might be the last thing on your mind at the close of the year, adding some plant life and eco-friendly aspects into bathroom design is expected to only grow in popularity. Nature lovers and those with a green thumb with love the “biophilic” design trend to put you further in touch with the great outdoors and nature.

To integrate aspects of this design trend in your bathroom, add:

  • A feature wall of greenery such as plant moss or succulents
  • Potted plants and air or snake plants on a variety of surfaces
  • Moss foot mats to feel the grass and earth on your feet

There are also a few great, simple ways to bring the green inside through technology and design. Install large windows or a skylight for natural lighting for you and your plants. You can also install a dimmer to better control the amount of light in the room, to mimic the natural light present during different times of day or depending on your given mood. Add earth tones to the room, such as browns, grays, greens, and white.

For materials, choose woods, recycled and reclaimed materials, stone, and other natural items Bor an eco-friendly spin on things, elect for energy-efficient lighting and water-saving techniques, and recycled items wherever possible. A bathroom design that is “greener” has been proven to put you in a calmer state of mind and you’ll feel good knowing that you have done your part to create a beautiful space that is also better for the planet.

An Open Shower

It might seem contrary to the purpose of a shower (keeping the water in a closed space), but open concept showers have gained immense popularity and play a key role in futuristic bathroom design, especially those with multi-functionality.

Showers started out as a necessity for bathrooms with limited space, but with open concept design elements from Scandinavian and Nordic gaining traction there so many options for attractive and functional showers. An open shower design can be achieved by installing a half wall, a glass shower panel or door, or a combination of the two for a modern, industrial look. Some open showers are literally just that and have no walls to contain them.

By ditching traditional shower/tub combinations and opting for an open shower design, many companies have gone above and beyond to achieve gorgeous, minimalistic fitting that adds unique character and flair. The simplicity of an open shower allows for a complimentary choice of bold fittings and designs in the tile and color. When integrating this trend into your bathroom, ensure there are no areas that are exposed to water that shouldn’t be and that there is proper drainage.

Small Space, Big Personality

Just because you are limited to a small bathroom space, doesn’t mean it can’t look and feel luxurious. Powder rooms, half-baths, and guest bathrooms and the perfect spaces to make a bold statement using high-end materials and futuristic design choices. Modern designers have become experts at crafting small bathrooms with bold finishes and multi-functionality, so they look just as good as full bathrooms (and sometimes even better).

From adding extra storage overhead and in concealed locations to selecting durable statement pieces that inject the space with flair and functionality. Small bathrooms require fewer inputs and as a result, you can spend less money to create a gorgeous finish using high-end materials. Think slate, marble, natural wood, custom tile, and more!

Go ahead and get that unique modern sink that you love or those ultra-classy tiles that make the room feel like a small spa–in a small space you can afford it. If your bathroom truly is a small space without much room for customization, work on keeping it functional, well-organized, and multi-faceted so that each aspect works together to make elevate the room as a whole

Space Saving Solutions

Let’s face it–space is a luxury. With growing populations, urbanization, and the cost of real estate skyrocketing in major cities, making the most of the space you have is more important than ever.

The decrease in available space has become both a challenge and an opportunity for designers to implement space-saving designs and storage solutions in order to make each inch of space count. Smaller bathrooms have become the norm in areas that are more constrained for space, which has resulted in a variety of space-saving innovations and products. To make each foot count in your bathroom, consider the advantages of an open concept shower, smaller furniture such as a compact vanity, and overhead or floating shelving to get items stowed away and off the available counter and floor space.

Expect the trend of small spaces getting smarter to continue into 202 and the future to come, especially with smarter storage and cabinetry options available.

Standalone Bathtubs

When you have the space for a bathtub-use it. For a full bath that is used by the whole family or the master bath that has a bit of room to space, consider the benefits of a standalone bathtub.

This trend is a spill-over from the luxury, spa-quality designs that have erupted in home remodeling in the last decade and is only expected to grow as homeowners get a taste of the good life. No longer reserved for huge bathrooms, these bathtubs have gained traction in a variety of bathroom designs and sizes. Since they can be customized based on size, shape, and material, standalone bathtubs are now an option for almost everyone that has space for them.

Standalone tubs act as a design statement all by themselves and with a few carefully chosen fixtures, your bathroom will look and feel luxurious at a fraction of the cost of a spa. Plain white or porcelain aren’t the only options anymore, either. Modern bathtubs come in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes, so you can customize your design and make it a true statement piece. From placing the tub in the middle of the room to adorning it with classic knobs and nozzles, there are so many options to make a standalone tub look incredible in your bathroom.

Spa-Like Room Design

With luxury experiences and aspects of design creeping into every day, it’s no surprise that high-quality spa-like design elements have made their way into the bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom with the help of an experienced designer can help turn a drab, outdated room into your own personal spa oasis.

Far from the utilitarian bathrooms of the past, modern full and master bathrooms offer a space for private recluse–especially with makeup vanities, standalone and jetted tubs, and other luxuries to enhance the space.

If you have the resources and space to transform your bathroom, we recommend integrating natural woods such as bamboo, candles, adaptive lighting, open towel and toiletries storage, an open floor plan, and modern minimalistic aesthetics into your new bathroom design to create a luxury spa room right in your own home.

Small Pops of Color

Color is on trend for 2020-bathroom design–specifically small pops of bright colors like light yellow, champagne, orange, and red. Since these colors are so vibrant and “in your face” they should be carefully planned into the overall design. Small accessories, hand towels, and light fixtures are a great way to integrate a bit of color without going overboard.

Stay away from over the top colored tiles or wall colors to prevent the space from becoming overwhelming. Pair the bright colors you like best with more muted tones and shades of green, grey, blue, white, and black.

Natural light will add to the already brilliant pop of color and make your bathroom appear that much brighter. If you don’t have windows in the bathroom, opt for LED strips, pendant lights, and light dimmers to adjust the level of light. A few colored pendant lights can really light up the room, and keep the space looking elegant.

Bring Nature Inside

Along with inviting more plants and eco-friendly aspects of design into the bathroom, incorporating more natural wood, stone, and metal materials and natural lighting have become incredibly popular for 2020 and the foreseeable future.

Natural light is such a popular aspect of open bathroom design, but for those with close neighbors, it can be difficult to achieve. If you can’t install large windows, consider a skylight offset into the room to allow in extra light and offer a bit more privacy. If neither is an option for your space, there are a variety of modern light fixtures that mimic the cycle of natural light and can also be adjusted manually.

Finally, whenever possible opt for natural materials. Slate floors or tiles, bamboo panels or all wood cabinets, and metal basins all work together to create a nature-inspired bathroom that makes you feel like you are at home and in the outdoors at the same time.

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