The kitchen and bathroom are the most used rooms in the home–for both homeowners and guests. These rooms are the focal points of the home and add value and functionality to the space. From daily tasks like cooking and bathing to celebrations and holiday events, the kitchen and bathroom serve as pivotal rooms in the home, which must be functional and have flair.

For a home with an outdated kitchen and an inefficient or too small bathroom, remodeling provides a variety of options to create the kitchen of your dreams or remodel your own personal oasis. When properly renovated, these two rooms can add tremendous value too, and enjoyment of, your home.

Remodeling both spaces at once might seem overwhelming; however, tackling one large project, as opposed to two medium-sized projects, can reduce the stress associated with a longer, more drawn out renovation timeline and help you save time and money. Taking on two remodeling projects at once can be a lot to handle, but that’s why you have a construction manager or contractor and a designer to keep you on schedule and in the loop. Tackling both projects at the same time allows for a streamlined remodeling process, ease of coordination, and less stress over the long term.

A great time to remodel is while you have other temporary accommodations or support or are remodeling in order to sell your current home.

Saves Time

Planning to have both rooms remodeled simultaneously can save time and energy. Nobody benefits from a long, drawn-out remodel–whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or remodeler. Choosing to renovate both the kitchen and bathroom at the same time can save months of drawn-out construction and design work that is associated with another remodeling project. Get an estimate not only to see how much a joint kitchen and bath project will cost but also how long it will take compared to separate remodeling.

Avoid the unnecessary inconvenience of losing access to your kitchen, and then losing access to your bathroom. Instead, plan for both rooms to be out of use and make alternative arrangements. Cabinet and countertop installations can be completed in tandem for both rooms, along with plumbing and electrical work–reducing the number of home visits needed for contractors and the time you lose access to important rooms in your home.

Reduces Costs

Get more bang for your buck by combining renovation projects into one timeline. By selecting one remodeler to handle your projects, choosing similar or the same materials, and reducing labor, you can reduce overall costs.

  • Labor–When it comes to renovation costs, labor is the most expensive aspect apart from materials. Taking on two projects at once allows you to consolidate costs associated with contractor visits, labor, and combines efforts during the process–taking up less time and saving you money.
  • Materials–Electing for a joint bathroom and kitchen remodeling project is also a great way to save on material costs, if you are willing to be flexible. For example, select the same material for cabinets and vanities or for countertops. By choosing to use some of the same materials or design elements, you can order a larger amount of one cost-saving product and use it for both rooms and you may get a better deal. Remodelers and designers also tend to build relationships with suppliers for discount agreements. Remodelers can get a better price on materials from their suppliers by purchasing a larger amount and pass along the cost savings to you.

When you consider the cost of contractors coming on different days, limited access to a room, purchasing materials, taking time off work or arranging convenient times to review progress, and then having to do it all over again months or years later, there are plenty of way that scheduling both your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects at the same time can save you money.

Cohesive Home Design

By using similar materials, colors, and design schemes, you can ensure your kitchen and bathroom have a cohesive design and don’t have to worry about whether the two areas blend well together.

A professional designer will ensure the two spaces are flawlessly designed and complement each other at the outset of the project. A simultaneous kitchen and bathroom design project also ensure that years down the road you won’t be worried about finding that exact matching color, material, or design element. With a joint project, you can have one clear vision with one designer and a single professional team that handles everything.

During the design and remodeling process, you can work with your designer to create one design board with elements in each space that integrate well into your home’s overall design and color scheme–especially by using the same style of design to complementary colors, textures, and features.

Adds Value

Along with boosting your personal enjoyment of your home, remodeling both your kitchen and bathroom is a great way to increase your home’s overall resale value. Should you ever decide to sell your home, it will likely be worth more than area comparisons and net you a greater profit.

Two newly renovated spaces that age simultaneously add tremendous value to your home and mean that future home buyers are more likely to pay a premium for the home. It also allows you to enjoy and use new features of your kitchen and bathroom, such as energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and water features. You don’t have to worry about either room wasting water, electricity, or the expense or waste of heating both spaces since a remodel can simultaneously integrate updated aspects in both rooms.

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