The two primary reasons that people choose to remodel their kitchens are to update an outdated design and to create a more functional space.

Many people may own a home and initially feel satisfied with their kitchen, then a couple of decades later decide that it no longer suits their style or meets their family’s needs.

By selecting timeless kitchen design ideas and elements, homeowners can save thousands of dollars because they don’t need to remodel aspects of their kitchen as it quickly becomes outdated.

In order to prevent your kitchen from dating itself too quickly or getting caught up in trendy kitchen elements, read up on these 10 timeless kitchen design ideas to get inspired for your next kitchen update.

Quartz, Marble, Granite (The Big 3) Countertops

Quartz, Marble, Granite (The Big 3) Countertops

Anyone planning to remodel their kitchen is aware that there are many different countertop options to choose from; however, the top three materials are quartz, granite, and marble.

Quartz–For cleanliness, ease of use, and durability, quartz is the natural choice. Quartz countertops require less upkeep than other stones, but typically leaves you with only variations on white stone countertops.

Granite–For gorgeous stone details and colors, opt for granite countertops. Granite offers deep hues and tones for a rich color that many homeowners desire for their kitchens.

Marble–For gorgeous luxury and that one-of-a-kind aesthetic that marble is so well known for, select marble countertops for your updated kitchen.

As a rule of thumb:

  • Quartz is the most durable, and popular countertop choice
  • Granite has middle durability, with a wealth of color and style options
  • Marble is the softest stone of the three, and is prone to scratching over time

Open Kitchen Layouts

Open Kitchen Layouts

Closed off kitchens are a thing of the past and they aren’t likely to come back. An open kitchen layout allows you to cook, entertain, serve guests, and easily combine living and dining space.

Not only is an open kitchen more functional for most homes, it also causes both the kitchen and living space to feel larger, even if they maintain the same footprint as before opening the divide between the two rooms.

Tear down any non-load bearing walls to open your kitchen and create a more inviting environment. If you have a wall that can’t be taken down, consider removing a half wall or creating a half cut out or window through to the kitchen.

Integrated appliances allow you to create kitchen designs where appliances can function as stylish statement pieces or subtly merge into surrounding cabinets or countertops.

Single Level Kitchen Islands

Single Level Kitchen Islands

Modern kitchens often feature updated kitchen islands with one level for bar seating, additional space for food preparation, a sink, and sometimes even have cabinets for additional storage.

A single level island makes the kitchen feel more cohesive and the island feels integrated into the space, as opposed to adding it as an afterthought.

A large countertop-height kitchen island with a waterfall edge allows you to make the most of the counter space for prep work and cooking, while also integrating more seating with barstools.

Work with a designer or remodeler to ensure that your kitchen is large enough to add an island. Some spaces can feel more cramped when you must walk around an island or when an island cuts off needed space. Modern islands should be treated like furniture. It serves as both a functional element and a focal point in the kitchen.

Integrated Appliances

Integrated Appliances

Clean lines and tucked away chaos are features of the modern kitchen, and integrated appliances are just one way that you can make your kitchen look larger and function better.

The days of clunky appliances that stick out like a sore thumb is a thing of the past.

With clever panels and built-in nooks for appliances, modern kitchens can easily integrate appliances to stay flush with cabinets and countertops, providing more space in the kitchen and sleek design lines.

Whether you choose to “hide” your appliances behind a cabinet door that sits flush with the rest of your cabinets or just have them align with countertops and cabinets, integrating appliances is a fantastic way to save space and create a sophisticated kitchen design.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED lighting has made a huge different in both energy consumption and the look of interior design. These adaptive lights allow you to brighten up your kitchen space at a fraction of the energy cost of traditional lighting.

LED lights are no longer the chilly, bright white that they used to be. Modern LEDs have so many options for brightness, color, and style.

Newer LED lights are also more efficient and longer lasting than traditional halogen and fluorescent light bulbs.

LED lights can be inset into the ceiling, hang down as pendant lights, act as under cabinet lighting or ambient island light for illuminating the kitchen in the dark, and so much more.

White Kitchens

White Kitchens

A white kitchen is a classic design choice that can accommodate a variety of appliance choices and fit well into any home.

Having bold, funky colors in the kitchen can really enhance its style and your enjoyment of the space, but they are best expressed through temporary furnishings and elements–such as small appliances, curtains, towels, cushions, and other small touches.

A neutral or white color on cabinets, appliances, walls, and other permanent kitchen features will help your kitchen stand the test of time and stay classically brilliant in the coming decades.

Some might argue that a white kitchen is boring, but in truth, a clean white kitchen never goes out of style, tends to go with any design, and offers endless possibilities.

White cabinets are a timeless, classic design element that align well with different types of countertop colors and materials, floor types, and other aspects of design. You can add some personality with different cabinet pulls or knobs and integrate other small touches of white in the kitchen to pull the overall design together.

Open Cabinets

Open Cabinets/ Shelves

While everyone can appreciate more storage, having a slight imbalance of upper to lower cabinets is fairly common to kitchen design and can actually improve the design of the space.

More open space near the top of the kitchen helps the room feel larger and less cluttered, and allows for open shelving, hanging lights, plants, and other design elements to shine. Too many upper cabinets can make the kitchen feel dark and small.

If you need more space, consider purchasing cabinet organizers or using open shelves on upper cabinets to show off plate ware and make the kitchen feel less old-fashioned.

If you are tired of your upper cabinets or feel like they are detracting from your kitchen design, consider removing the door faces and turning them into open shelving. This change will allow you to display dishware and artwork on open shelves.

Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Bringing elements of nature and the outside into the kitchen is a timeless design element that looks great in almost every kitchen-especially natural wood or stone flooring or countertops that compliment other aspects of the kitchen.

There are a few different ways to integrate natural materials into your kitchen design to ensure longevity of style and materials.

When selecting materials, consider using:

  • Hardwood or Bamboo Floors
  • Natural Wood Cabinets in White, Brown, or Mahogany
  • Stone or Slate Tiled Floors
  • Natural Stone Countertops in Quartz, Granite, Marble, or Slate
  • Natural Stone Backsplash Tiles in Earth Tones

Get ideas from remodeling and design galleries or past projects.

Natural materials come together to create a classic looking kitchen. Some may prefer stainless steel and hyper modern aesthetic, but for most kitchens the natural look is timeless and integrated will into almost any design aesthetic.

Subway Tiles

Subway Tiles

Subway tile is a classic way to create an eye-catching backsplash that aligns with most design elements and stands the test of time, especially since it has been around for over 100 years.

It can be tempting to select a flashy, bright backsplash to add color and texture to the kitchen, but these types of tiles typically go in and out of fashion and don’t always pair well with new design ideas or renovations.

Opt for a simpler tile design that has staying power, as opposed to the latest tile trend. Instead, consider adding removable design elements that create a splash of color and compliment the rest of your kitchen design.

Subway tile is versatile enough to work with a variety of kitchen design styles and it is unlikely that you will get tired of it in a few years, since it pairs well with almost any décor. This style of tile is also easy to install, clean, maintain, and replace if necessary.

Mix things up by installing a subway tile backsplash in a different arrangement or custom style, whether behind the kitchen range or covering the entire wall.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker Style Cabinets

When it comes to timeless kitchen cabinets there are many different styles and options available, but to stand the test of time, shaker style cabinets are a safe bet.

Shaker style cabinets work with both more traditional designs and modern kitchen aesthetics, which means they will not go out of style or date your kitchen and should last for decades with regular maintenance and care.

Shaker cabinets are characterized by their recessed panel doors and simplistic design yet have maintained popularity and classic style for more than 100 years. Not only are they popular in farmhouse style kitchen designs, these cabinets look great in a variety of modern and timeless kitchen design styles.

Since the cabinets don’t overshadow other kitchen design elements, you can use almost any type of cabinet pull or handle to match the rest of your kitchen design and color to shaker cabinets.

Remodel Your Kitchen to Last

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